Crowfall in a Nutshell #2: Embargo System, God’s Reach, Cosmetic Items

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Crowfall in a Nutshell

Crowfall in a Nutshell

Crowfall in a Nutshell

Now I would like to explain the VAULTS.

Those are my available BANKS in the campaign. So, you can see here:

  • the Trial of Gaea (North America)
  • the Trial of Gaea (EU)

Let’s say I want to import or export something FROM or TO here. I already have the two tankards in there.

How can we get more import or export TOKENS?

You don’t. Those are limited for the campaign. So, the campaign starts and may have a duration of 14 days. You start with about 12 IMPORT TOKENS and 50 EXPORT TOKENS.

So, at the beginning of the campaign, you can take equipment into the campaign and then when it ends you can take equipment out of it.

So now I want to go to this ARCHDRUID and I already have it in God’s reach which is the next world I want to show you.

On this character, I still have some stuff left which I would like to IMPORT to the campaign.

Now we are in the campaign. That’s what a TEMPLE looks like.

So, usually in God’s Reach, you start out in the beginner zone but I’m going to skip this for now.

There are guides out there who explain this. Usually, you run around, you can chop some wood, you’re going to do basic crafting. You do all the noob stuff.

What I usually do is that I just run directly through the starter zone. If you want to level up a little bit, you can maybe kill spiders until you are LEVEL 5 and then go to God’s Reach sacrifice all the materials that you have here at the SACRIFICE PIT.

There is a guide on my home page where you can see HOW YOU SACRIFICE ITEMS and HOW LEVELING with sacrificing can be done. And here you can see the sacrifice pit where you can throw in some stuff.

Now we actually wanted to EXPORT stuff to the campaign.

I take what I am going to need in the campaign and I’m gonna pull it over to the ACCOUNT VAULTS. This is done by right-clicking… Then you have to log out again. And then we can go back to the other screen where you can do the switching.

You can also leave the items in your inventory and then when you move that character to the campaign the game notifies you of how many IMPORT TOKENS you need in order to bring everything to the campaign.

But since I wouldn’t have enough and I don’t want to waste all of them, USING THIS VERSION, WITH THE VAULT is much safer:

For instance, you can actually take the dust (basically you go to the EU and you select that one) and the chaos embers. And as you can see now we have two items selected. We can delete them, but, of course, I definitely don’t want to do that!

And now I go PRESS IMPORT ITEMS. You see a message that “this will import two items into the scenario bank”. There are no undos.

Then we should have the items in there. We can now take a new character and then we can go to the campaign.

Once we’re in the campaign, if we open our spirit bank we can see here the dust and the chaos ember inside of

the campaign.

Those are little cosmetic items I sometimes like to show.

So, when you look at your character, the tankard is here on the belt under the mace and here is the insignia on the chest.

I also find it quite interesting when you take off your chest piece, since it can’t attach the item on the chest anymore, it will just search for a new slot for it.

They aren’t focusing on the whole cosmetic thing yet but I think they will do very nice stuff since the ideas that they come up with already are pretty awesome!

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