Crowfall in a Nutshell #4: Wartribes, Vessels, Equipment, Character Build

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So, here is a war tribe. You can see the little centaur in the front. You have to enter your FIGHTING STANCE. You go there and you hit the mob on the head.

When you are in FIGHTING STANCE, your gear loses durability. For instance, here our Mace has 986. And if you just stay in the fighting stance, loot stuff and look at the mace again: it has lost durability and is now at 984.

So, when you are not fighting, switch to survival tray. In SURVIVAL TRAY your equipment doesn’t loose durability. When the durability reaches 0, it just disappears.

The ONLY THING that doesn’t lose durability in this game, which is a craftable item, is a vessel. So, your characters don’t lose durability.

We don’t know if this is going to change with drags or other areas. For now, this isn’t in yet. But the game theoretically has the possibility to make the vessel die as well when it loses its durability.

Don’t forget to loot. The mops drop stuff, such as gold, equipment and sometimes those major disciplines. So, if I didn’t have a blue helmet, I could equip it now.

VESSELS are account-bound. Once you create your character and use the vessel of it, this is bound to your account and you have to level it up.

Every point you spend sticks so there are no re-specs. The gear is usually pretty self-explanatory. You can have gear that DROPPED or get to a CRAFTER that will make you gear, which is usually better.

You have MOUNTS that can make you go faster. I explain more about mounts in this other article here.

You have JEWELRY: necklace to rings are the standard things.

You also have DISCIPLINES. This is basically the RACE that I have but it doesn’t display information about my vessel.

This is a BLUE VESSEL at the moment, and because it is blue, I also need BLUE DISCIPLINES.

Usually, you find WHITE disciplines, and you need 5 of them to get one GREEN ONE. And you need 5 GREEN disciplines to make one BLUE one. This goes all the way up to LEGENDARY. Those are going to be very expensive because one WHITE discipline costs 500 gold.

So, for ONE BLUE MAJOR DISCIPLINE, you pay 12,500 GOLD, which means you have to farm quite a bit to get there!

Same goes for MINO DISCIPLINES, which are dropped by WAR TRIBES. Blue disciplines can also drop off ancient mops such as spiders, peg pigs. If they have the attribute ancient, some fancy name and are very hard to kill, then they drop better stuff and also have blue components to craft blue disciplines.

Crafting is a topic in itself, on which I will hopefully be able to produce a guide soon. But for the time being, if you have some questions, write to me, check out my twitch or join a guild.

The DISCIPLINES give you passive stats and NEW ABILITIES. Those ones, for the most part, are going to give you passive stats.

Be wary, if you have those new abilities, they don’t work out of the box. You need to EQUIP them in your ability window on the passive power bar to the left. So, you take the passives that you want, put them here and when you go into your TRAY, those passives become active. Same goes for the action bar.

Every race has 8 action bar slots, with the exception of the human, who has 9 because this is a racial ability (at least until 5.110). If you want to learn more about that, check out my races and classes guide here.

The MOUNT has a cast as well, which you also have to put down here on the tray. And you can switch out the other abilities down here. You can even switch them while in fight mode, so this is quite flexible.

If you don’t know what specialization classes are, this is my build. That’s how I built my CHAMPION. You start from the left and then build your way to the right.

If you want to know how to build characters, again, check my guides, so far I have one about CHAMPIONS, and others will follow.

Here is the talent tree, you spend your points, and again no re-specs.

I hope you enjoyed the guide and found it helpful!

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