Crowfall in a Nutshell #1: Eternal Kingdom

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Crowfall in a nutshell: Part 1

The ETERNAL KINGDOM is basically where you are at home. You have YOUR OWN KINGDOM where you can place parcels and build up castles and stuff like that.

Then you have GOD’S REACH: that’s basically the starter zone. It is the beginner-friendly area where you have no PvP, so only NPCs will kill you. You still have loot inventory so everything you have in your inventory can be looted by people except the gear that you wear.

You have item decay so when you die all of your items lose durability and you can’t repair them. When they’re damaged, they are gone and the import rules are pretty easy so basically everything that you have in the eternal kingdoms considering items can be taken to God’s reach.

Then we have another area: the CAMPAIGN. So, basically, at the moment, the campaign has the rules that I explained for God’s reach. It’s a bit mixed because this thing is not up to date so the campaign’s PvP is activated.


  • CHAOS (right)
  • BALANCE (mid)
  • ORDER (left)

Those are the 3 pantheons. I’m going to skip the lore if you want to check out the lore go to the Crowfall homepage. They are called Pantheon’s I can show you where that is that’s basically on the Crowfall homepage you scroll up to the very top, you go to game and you go to Pantheon and there you’re gonna have all the gods listed per faction.

It’s four gods and if you click on them you’re gonna have lore and what they do and what it’s all about.

So sometimes you want to go to GOD’S REACH and get some farming done. Sometimes you want to chill and go to the ETERNAL KINGDOM. It’s when you want to build your own Kingdom and Castles.

I just launched the kingdom. Then you have to wait a little bit until it’s online and I can show you what I already built and maybe how you place parcels and that kind of stuff.

I think that’s quite useful it’s already on the server

So, is it possible for someone else to meet you in YOUR ETERNAL KINGDOM? 

Yes, I have the option to make MY KINGDOM PUBLIC. I can set a name.

So, at this stage you hit escape and then you go to this little castle icon. Here, you can change the name, you can also make a description and you can make it public and then PvP is always enabled because I built an arena here.

Let’s talk about how you can place parcels.

What is account vault?

That’s the GLOBAL BANK so that the account vault is basically the bank that is accessible from GOD’S REACH and your ETERNAL KINGDOM.

Then when you go to the campaign and you have import/export rules, you basically need to use the import or export TOKENS you have available to trade that to other areas.

I can show you this. You see like a parcel. So, I drag them over to there and I can use them. For that, I have to go to the ETERNAL KINGDOM and then I can use them from there with a right-click.

I can just place them on the map. Then I hit “submit access” and see that the changes have been made.

To the left and to the right, we have more land available and then there is also the other thing with ITEMS that you can place on parcels.

You can see the building, and DEFENSE TOKENS tell you how much buildings you can place on this area.

So, if I want to build a little house here, what I do is I right-click on the house, but I can’t place it because I don’t have any tokens available. So, we can see that the house needs a small building token.

So, now I have to run over to the arena. It’s a little arena that I built from materials that come with the Starter package.

So, you get this stuff for free if you buy the game now. I don’t know if they’re going to change this after a while though.

Here you can see that I have building tokens available extra small

And now I right-click on the house and I could basically build the house in the arena.

So, I just left-click, press escape again and there is the house!

And then you can’t go in and if you have workbenches and stuff like that in the house there are little sockets.

I’m not sure if I have anything that I can place here at the moment. If I have a socket where I can place them, I can actually build those things up.

So, if I go here I should be able to put it on top.

How can I go up?

Well, basically if you have one of those you can place them on there.

I can’t get up there so I’m not going to waste too much time doing this.

If you want to move the house if you are the owner you can hold F to move it or you can just hold G and it goes back to your inventory. And then you can put it back in the bank.

So, what is the purpose of this location?

It’s great for PvP training and at the later stages of the game the next zone or the next world that they’re going to bring in is the dregs and that’s going to be a GUILD vs. GUILD environment, where there is more PvP going on.

And you will also have the ability to build those bases out in the world. So, basically, if you want to be a BASE BUILDER in World of Warcraft, the ETERNAL KINDGOM (EK) is a great way to practice the crafting to plan your base.

Then in the Dregs and the real PvP fights, you have an idea how you want to build your base.

And then in the real world basically your guild is going out gathering resources. They bring them to you and then you can craft the building blocks that you need.

You place them on the map and you build up your stuff and it’s also great for PvP training.

Of course, there is also a MARKET PLACE. So, if you go to another ETERNAL KINGDOM that is made for trading, and if you built the houses, you can place vendors in front vendors are craftable items you have to craft.

And then you can place them on vendor slots.

I hope you enjoyed the guide and found it helpful!

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