Crowfall Overview: Getting Started

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This Article is based on the following Video by KDSProm. It gives a good overview of the Crowfall Universe and major game mechanics. This is IMO the best beginner guide for new players currently out there. ENJOY!

We are Recruiting…

Becoming a Champion of the Gods

Life in the Crowfall universe has been disturbed by the emergence of a deadly force right at its center: The Hunger. Centuries ago Valkyn, the all father went to investigate the hunger and nobody has heard anything about him since.


This setting allows Crowfall to have unique dying worlds. The developers built a random world generator, which – based on input rules – will create entire new worlds in a matter of minutes. This leads to advantages and disadvantages of different strategic map locations like the placement of cities. This also makes the exploration game real at every start of a new campaign. So you’ll never play the same map twice.

Worlds are going through the four seasons. When winter ends, the victors are getting their spoils and the world dies. The day / night cycle affects gameplay, through factors like visibility, gathering, NPCs and victory point values for Keeps.

Seasons in Crowfall

Crowfall Universe

Crowfall Universe

The Crowfall universe features five types of worlds:

Eternal Kingdoms

This is the player housing of Crowfall. If you ever paid money for in-game assets this is where you will be able to use them. Your EK can be set up to public or private and you can set up nobles and vassals, that can help you maintain and manage your Kingdom. PvP can be turned on or off and you can press B to open your Vault.

God’s Reach

God’s Reach is where you have the “new player experience”. This is where you will learn the basics of Crowfall without the pressure of PvP.


This is the next step in your journey. Here you have the classical three faction pvp and resources will get better, plus PvP becomes a part of the gameplay.

The Shadow

The shadow is not implemented yet but has been announced as the 12 faction pvp. Game rules include inventory loot on death and imports, as well as exports.


Dregs is where guilds will fight each other over the best resources in the universe while building and protecting their own cities in the absence of the All Father. The rest of the gods have started squabbling over who should be the new king of the gods. They are using the dying world as their proving ground and they send you as the champion to battle for them. You exist as an eternal crow that inhabits different quality vessels.

Character Customization

Crowfall features 12 Races and 11 Classes. If you want to learn more about those check out my Races and Classes Overview.

There is one more system that I feel is worth exploring at this point: the discipline system. Those are tech pieces that allow you to heavily alter your character and its capabilities in PvP. If you want to be a Knight with a Bow? YES, it’s possible! There are currently 29 major disciplines and 36 minor disciplines in the game and at two majors and three minor disciplines per character that makes around 500,000 combinations.

Getting Started

Passive Training

After having said all this let’s look at how to play. The first thing you wanna do when you fire up your game for the first time is to start up your passive training.

Crowfall passive training

This offers offline progression and catch up mechanics are planned. You can choose to train in any two of the following three professions in the upper left corner: combat, exploration (which includes gathering and leadership) and crafting. There are two training tracks. Click BROWSE, choose a profession and then click SELECT. This means that in the box that you have selected points will be gathering over time. Press VIEW SKILLS to start spending those points. You usually need to spend four points before you can open up the next node.

Your passive training will significantly improve your stats for whatever you want to do in the game. For crafting and gathering it is mandatory to have the right training for it, if you want to have good results.

Crowfall Banking System

The second thing I feel needs clarifying is the specifics of the Crowfall banking system.

The Vault

This is your account level bank. It is permanent. It is unique. And it’s accessible from Lobby, Eternal Kingdoms, God’s Reach and Infected.

World Banks

World banks in Campaigns are world specific, they are temporary and they are accessible from Lobby and inside the world they belong to.

Import / Export System

The relationship between Vault and World Banks is governed by the import and export rules. These are world specific.

Character Creation

Finally it’s time to create the character. Crowfall features the Holy Trinity: Tank, Healer, Damage Dealer, but with a twist. There is no fire hose healing, so positioning and managing your own hit points is crucial.

Each race has access to three to six classes. Each class has access to three specializations called PROMOTIONS in Crowfall. So a class can end up as a healer, a damage dealer or a control character.


Now it’s time to select the world we want to play in. Let’s get the interface out of the way. In the upper left corner are your character pools:

Hit Points: If they are zero you’ll die.

Next line is class resources. for some classes this is mana, for some it’s energy and for some it’s pips.

The next line is stamina, that is used for sprinting, for blocking, retaliating out of crowd control, or for harvesting.

And the last one is the food meter or the chicken ticker – in Crowfall slang. If this one drops too low you’ll stop regenerating ressources.

In the lower left corner you have your regular chat channels.

In the lower right corner you have the world countdown clock. This shows seasons, the day/night cycle and also the time left until this world is consumed by hunger. Until then the gods want you to scavenge it for its riches.

On the bottom of the Screen there is the power tray, where you manage and access your abilities. Above that we have the consumable slots and around the middle you have your class resource. You have your left click action, right click action and retaliate and then you have your ultimate, mount, and teleport home. At the bottom is your experience bar. For the race class combinations that have access to multiple power trays all the way to the left are the buttons to switch between trays.

Building a Character

After killing a few animals or following the quest line you get to level up. Time to spend stat points and talent points now.

Spend Talents and Attribute Points

It’s time to meet the Spellbook. You get abilities from your race and from your class as you level up and spend your talent points. You can also get abilities from disciplines.


Remember that you can change your Disciplines only in certain zones like Temples.


Crowfall introduces a revolutionary concept of VESSELS. A vessel is a craftable item that allows you to create a new Character with better attributes. The Vessels that a Necromancer can make get better over time, due to the progression in the passive training. You want to upgrade you vessel regularly since it can be considered one of the most important part of game progression, when in comes to PvP performance.

Epic Elken Vessel

The Gathering System

In order to get your first set of tools you’ll need to gather Knotwood. If you have three knotwood you can press [J] to open your crafting interface and craft your basic tools. Remember that for the advanced stuff you’ll need crafting stations. For your first weapon upgrade you can gather six wood and six stone. Then you can craft yourself a basic weapon. And yes you can level up through gathering and crafting. Check out your specific weapon. Press [J], open the crafting interface and craft your basic weapon. This gives you a nice stat boost. To gather the good stuff the most important stat is Plentiful Harvest.

Plentifull Harvest

You will see it while you hover over the resource. Ideally you want it as close to five as possible, but as you get to winter it will diminish. I feel it’s important to add at this time that Crowfall also features group gathering nodes called Mother Lodes.

Mother Lodes

Leveling up your character to 30 – which is the maximum level – can take as little as 5 minutes if you have the right resources to sacrifice to the gods.

Sacrifice to level up

In a classical approach like killing stuff it usually takes from 60 to 120 minutes depending on group size, availability of NPCs and game knowledge. The amount of experience that a kill gives is the same if you do it solo or in a group of five. So make sure to ALWAYS level in groups if possible. As you level up and progress through your talent tree which is unique to this vessel you have the possibility to unlock the three minor discipline slots and the two major discipline slots. Acquiring disciplines for your starting vessels is a matter of buying them from a vendor so you can test any combination that you would like for the advanced vessels. Though things get a lot more complex, since you have to farm higher quality disciplines from Wartribes. This is because you can only equip disciplines that have at least the same quality as the Vessel.

Follow the white rabbit…

I hope that you have found this guide useful and in case you want the intense and complete Version of the beginner guide, check out the following Video by Yumx. It’s quite long, but Crowfall is quite the complex game…

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