Crowfall Race Elken

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So here is the quick overview over the Elken. It’s gonna teach you what you need to know when you want to PICK a race for your character. This information has been enriched by the works done by SoulreaverOpens in a new tab. and Caldera.

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ELKENS get plus 60 constitution and plus 30 strength as well as the quiver proficiency.

Powers granted:

  • Follow-Through: increases your Ranged Distance Bonus Cap by 5.
  • Gaea’s Tears: increases your Critical Healing Amount statistic by 10%.
  • Tannin Techniques: increases your Leatherworking and Leatherworking Experimentation statistics by 10.
  • Trailmaster: increases your Out of Combat Movement Speed by 25% after you Pathfind a trail. Pathfinding automatically happens whenever you leave combat.
  • Head Butt: charges forward and knocks down your enemies.
  • Gestalt: temporarily detect Stealth
  • Standard Dash.

Available Classes

Available classes for the Elkens are: Knight, Confessor, Templar, Ranger and Cleric.

Available Disciplines

Elkens get access to the following Disciplines

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