Crowfall Race Human

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So here is the quick overview over the Human. It’s gonna teach you what you need to know when you want to PICK a race for your character. This information has been enriched by the works done by Soulreaver and Caldera.


The HUMANS get plus 30 strength.

Powers granted:

  • Gemcutter: increases your Jewelcrafting and Jewelcrafting Experimentation statistics by 10.
  • Hero’s Blood: increase your power bar slot by 1.
  • Pain Tolerance: reduce damage taken by 3%.
  • Past Lives: grants and unlocks an extra Minor Discipline Slot.
  • Candle That Burns: increase your Damage Bonus by 10% while also making your powers cost more by 5% for 12 seconds.
  • standard Dodge.

Available Classes

Available classes for the Humans are the Knight, the Templar, the Ranger, and the Cleric.

Available Disciplines

Humans get access to the following Disciplines

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