Crowfall: Siege – How to Take a Keep

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In this short guide, I want to explain to you how to take a keep.
You can see some kind of CATAPULTS. With those catapults, you are going to shoot at the wall obviously.
Then the wall goes down and you gather together with your group and you move in this again.
You get damaged… you get healed… then at some point the defenders will want to stop you. So you’re going to have enemies and you have to kill them again.
When all the enemies are dead, you move into the keep. Later all you have to do it kill the TREE of LIFE.
When the tree of life is almost dead (as you can see in the video), you should NOT BE FOOLED YET. The tree should disappear. You have to plant a seed of life with a Golden Apple. Then you have to wait for the timer to fill up and – voilà!
You took a keep!
And when the job is done, you just teleport back with your group!
I hope you enjoyed the guide and found it helpful!

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