Crowfall: The Embargo System and Campaigns

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We’re gonna introduce you to one of the unique features that makes fighting in throne war campaigns even more exciting: the embargo system.

The embargo system ensures a level playing field when you play a competitive PvP campaign. It challenges you to make smart choices by controlling what you can bring into the campaign and what can be taken back out when that campaign ends.

When you choose a character with which to enter a campaign you receive a message advising you of the number of import/export tokens available that determines how many items you can bring into and take out of the campaign.


We’ve added a new World Bank and a Personal Vault. The World Bank is located in the campaign worlds and the Vault is your personal account level storage. Your vault provides easy access to your gear including the name stats and rarity values you can move items right from your vault into an active campaign via the embargo window in Crowfall.
Choices matter. The embargo system is one of the most impactful choices you make that raises the stakes while leveling the playing field a competitive campaigns.


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