Death in Crowfall: How Does it Work?

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In this guide, I will explain the new DEATH MECHANICS because even dying is now fun in Crowfall! I really love the work that they have done on that!
You can now freely fly around as a CROW. You’re not bound to the ground anymore!
You can also use numlock to outer fly currently. The way this works is that in order to resurrect you fly to a shrine that is controlled by your faction and there you can resurrect.
You can also use the rune gates as a crow so what you do is you can use a room gage and then fly to a shrine OR fly to a shrine which is directly in the region where you want to resurrect. This depends on where you WANT to resurrect yourself, so you actually now have an option here.
However, you still get a death shroud when you’re resurrecting.
But it has been announced that they want to change that, since the of the actual goal for death shroud was to prevent people from getting directly back into PvP after they die.
That way it has a bigger impact that you’re dying, and it’s more important to keep your team alive.
I hope you enjoyed the guide and found it helpful!

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