Crowfall Champion Class Guide

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This Article is currently WIP. Due to technical difficulties I have to redo all the Class Guides…

Playable Races

The Champion can be played as CENTAUROpens in a new tab., HALF-GIANTOpens in a new tab., MINOTAUROpens in a new tab. and STONEBORNOpens in a new tab..


Talents & Skills

Check out this amazing Talent Builder by La Communauté de l’Arbre Clair.
The Talent builder is also listing all Skills.

Promotion Classes

Alpha Warrior

This Melee Damage Dealer build revolves a lot around getting critical hits, you will gain a lot of dominance stacks, both through your leap and basic attack crits. Neckbreaker (ultimate) can now also benefit from dominance stacks. Rend will reduce your enemies critical hit chance defense, meaning you have 7% higher chance to crit on them.
Your passive increase your critical hit chance whenever you spend a point of dominance, stacking up 10 times. MOAR CRITS

Pit Fighter

A very Melee Tank version of the champion. Increased self healing and maximum health, Whirling Pain also applies a barrier, you will get the ultimate “Invincible Warrior” which makes you immune to CC/DMG (like every ultimate) but also gives you a barrier and a heal over time. And it only costs 500 soul power.
Your passive gives you 150 attack power when you trigger a self healing effect.


This is a very Melee Crowd Control heavy build. Not only do you get +21% duration on your CC effects, you will be able to reset your blind combo, your leap does a knockdown, your whirling pain applies a slow and then suppress to multiple enemies, and the soul power cost of your Neckbreaker ultimate is reduced to 350.
Your passive gives you +15% damage and +25% movement speed whenever you apply a crowd control effect.”

Source: Calderas breakdown of the 5.8 promotion classesOpens in a new tab.


The Champion Class gets access to the following Disciplines.

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