Crowfall Race High-Elf

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So here is the quick overview over the High-Elf. It’s gonna teach you what you need to know when you want to PICK a race for your character. This information has been enriched by the works done by Soulreaver and Caldera.


HIGH-ELVES get plus 30 intellect and an additional amulet slot.

Powers granted:

  • Acrobatics: has a chance to instantly restore 1 Dodge Power when performing a right-click Dive Roll.
  • Hauteur: increases your Critical Damage statistic by 5%.
  • Vanity: increases your Elemental Resistance statistic by 500.
  • Mental Fortitude: Reduces the resource costs of all your abilities.
  • Humiliate: Debuff, that increases resource cost multiplier.

Available Classes

Playable classes for the HIGH-ELVES are the Knight, the Confessor, the Assassin and the Frostweaver.

Available Disciplines

High-Elfs get access to the following Disciplines

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