Crowfall Duelist Class Guide

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This Article is currently WIP. Due to technical difficulties I have to redo all the Class Guides…

Playable Races

The duelists can be played as GUINECEANS. So not really much of a choice here.


Talents & Skills

Check out this amazing Talent Builder by La Communauté de l’Arbre Clair.
The Talent builder is also listing all Skills.

Promotion Classes


Pistol duelist as we know it, the classical Ranged Damage Dealer. He gets increased range, He also gets a new ultimate which has half the soul power cost, and grants a dodge pips. Your passive revolves around crits, stacking up a buff, which then can be consumed on either longer lasting buffs or extra dodge pips.

Vanguard Scout

Stealth focused build, you gain increased damage from stealth, you gain a new “stealth poke” power. Your passive gives you lifesteal while in stealth.


Full melee build, you can open with a knockdown from stealth with ambush, your impale single target stuns at 5 pips, redirect pain also heals you over time, and you gain increased control duration. Pepperbox shot will debuff your enemy with reduced piercing mitigation – so you can deal more damage with your impales.
Your passive makes you do more damage to targets under 50% health.

Source: Calderas breakdown of the 5.8 promotion classes


The Duelist Class gets access to the following Disciplines.

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