Crowfall Frostweaver Class Guide

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This Article is currently WIP. Due to technical difficulties I have to redo all the Class Guides…

Playable Races

The Frostweaver can be played as FAEOpens in a new tab., HIGH-ELFOpens in a new tab. and WOOD-ELFOpens in a new tab..


Talents & Skills

Check out this amazing Talent Builder by La Communauté de l’Arbre Clair.
The Talent builder is also listing all Skills.

Promotion Classes


The Frostguard is a Ranged Tank build, that gets a Knockdown on his Volatile Ice, an improved version of Frost Armor and can wear Plate Armor. Freezing Blast applies a 25% damage debuff to all enemies hit.

Frostguard Build

This is a 6.200 “Frostguard 6FPS” Build with great AoE damage, insane amount of Knockdowns through Volatile Ice Procs, a little bit of self-heal and probably the best damage you can find nowadays on a Plate wearing class. ENJOY!

Frostguard 6.200


This is Healer build for the Frostweaver. Cool ice and Chillout also restores health. Refreshing Ice delivers healing faster. You are also able to wear Mail.


This is the Damage Dealer Version, where you Shatter Storm transforms all ice formations into Volatile Ice it hits. Crystal Lance and Ice Lance have execute damage on 50% health of the target instead of 35%.


The Frostweaver Class gets access to the following Disciplines.

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