Crowfall Frostweaver Class Guide

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CC / Tank – Frostguard Build

AoE DPS – Archmage Build

Playable Races

The Frostweaver can be played as FAE, HIGH-ELF and WOOD-ELF.


The Frostweaver can wear Leather Armor. He has access to Frostcasters.

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Attributes are pretty straight forward in Crowfall. Your Primary Attributes in Crowfall are STRENGTH, DEXTERITY, INTELLECT, SPIRIT and CONSTITUTION.

If you are building a character that is focusing on DAMAGE, the secondary stat you want to push as high as possible is ATTACK POWER (AP). For the FROSTWEAVER Attack Power is increased by INTELLECT. 1 Attribute Point gives you 2 AP.

Here are the most important secondary stats and by which ATTRIBUTES they are influenced:

STRENGTH: Damage Bonus.

DEXTERITY: Critical Strike Chance, Critical Healing Chance and Physical Resistances (Crushing, Piercing, Slashing) and Bleed Resistances.

INTELLECT: Critical Hit Damage, Critical Heal Amount and Healing Bonus.

SPIRIT: Each Point of Spirit gives you 4 Support Power, which is the primary stat for Healers. It also increases your Elemental Resistances (Electricity, Fire, Ice)

CONSTITUTION: Each point of CON grants you 20 HP. It also influences Organic resistances (Disease, Nature, Poison)

Talents & Skills

Ice Formation State Diagram

Ice Formation State Diagram

Re-Fridgerate (Ultimate)

Re-Fridgerate is the resource regeneration Ultimate of the Frostweaver, that fills up your Ice Storage and restores Mana. It’s also granting you high damage mitigation and CC immunity for 5 seconds.

Cold Comfort (Ultimate)

Cold Comfort is the healing Ultimate of the Frostweaver, that heals everyone in your group for a great amount of HP and restores some mana for you. It’s also granting you high damage mitigation and CC immunity for 5 seconds.

Check out this amazing Talent Builder by La Communauté de l’Arbre Clair.
The Talent builder is also listing all Skills.

Promotion Classes

If you want to know, where the Promotions are standing in the Current META, check out my Promotion Tier List.

All Frostweaver Promotion classes get Frostcaster Mastery, which means you will be able to equip the runic Versions of these Weapons.


This is the Damage Dealer Version, where you Shatter Storm transforms spawns Volatile Ice on enemies it hits. You gain extra Attack Power, Elemental Penetration and Ice Damage Bonus. For each Pip in your Ice Storage you gain 2% Critical Strike Chance. Volatile Ice explodes faster and reduces the enemies Anti-Critical Strike Rating. Crystal Lance and Ice Lance have execute damage on 45% health of the target instead of 35%. You also gain access to DEATH SHARD, which consumes one of your Ice Shards and deals great damage to a single target and applies Frostbite. When the target has Frostbite DEATH SHARD has a guaranteed Critical Hit.

The Archmage gets access to the STORM, FROST or PROTECTION Domain.


This is Healer build for the Frostweaver. Cool ice and Chillout also restores health. Refreshing Ice delivers healing faster. You are also able to wear Mail. You get extra Support Power, other healing stat buffs and you can wear Mail Armor You gain extra SP and Ice formation chance for each Pip in your Ice Storage. Your CHILL OUT now also heals the group member with the lowest HP. COOL ICE WEAVE can not be flipped anymore to other Ice Formations. CRYSTAL LANCE now heals the Icecaller for the damage dealt. And FROST ARMOR heals friendlies as well. You also gain access to HEALING FLURRIES, a ground targeted AoE healing field, that spawns refreshing Ice, when you heal friendlies, which will heal even more.

The Icecaller gets access to the NATURE, FROST or LIGHT Domain.


The Frostguard is a Ranged Tank build, that gets a Knockdown on his Volatile Ice, an improved version of Frost Armor, that lasts longer and applies Frostbite (DoT) and can wear Mail and Plate Armor. FREEZING BLAST applies a 25% damage debuff to all enemies hit. SHATTER STORM has a chance to spawn Frost Armors when enemies are hit. You also gain access to the new Ultimate ability Icy Veins. ICY VEINS heal you for a significant amount, restore your Ice Storage and a good amount of Mana.

The Frostguard gets access to the DARK, FROST or DEATH Domain.


The Frostweaver Class gets access to the following Disciplines.

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