Crowfall Templar Class Guide

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This Article is currently WIP. Due to technical difficulties I have to redo all the Class Guides…

Playable Races

The Templar can be played as ELKEN, HUMAN, and NETHARI.


Talents & Skills

Check out this amazing Talent Builder by La Communauté de l’Arbre Clair.
The Talent builder is also listing all Skills.

Promotion Classes


This is a Melee Damage Dealer build. you’ll get several bonus damage buffs, while sacrificing survivability. Your execute move will no longer require pips, making you able to spam it like a melee dps. Many of your powers will have their survivability aspects removed in change of extra damage. And your passive is extra slashing damage based on your bonus fire damage.


This Promomotion class changes the Templar to a more Hybrid Healer/Melee Damage Dealer build. Your parry will drain pips slower, you will have Holy Warrior faster, your Devotion is being enhanced so it heals you and your allies for 50% of the damage you deal. And most importantly, Divine Light no longer has a pip requirement, meaning you have a free healing circle lasting for 12 seconds.
Your passive stacks up healing critical chance every time you heal an ally.


This is the more Melee Crowd Control focused version of the Templar. You’ll have a slow, increased duration on CC, reduced soul power cost on your ultimate, a melee ranged root, and when you place down your divine light – you knockdown and daze on enemies within your divine light.
Your passive increases your max health every time you CC enemies.

Source: Calderas breakdown of the 5.8 promotion classes


The Templar Class gets access to the following Disciplines.

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