Crowfall Templar Class Guide

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Healer – Paladin Build

CC / Defense – Fury Build

Playable Races

The Templar can be played as ELKEN, HUMAN, and NETHARI.


The Templar can wear Leather and Mail Armor. He has access to Great Swords.

Check out all the available Weapon Skins for your Weapons.


Attributes are pretty straight forward in Crowfall. Your Primary Attributes in Crowfall are STRENGTH, DEXTERITY, INTELLECT, SPIRIT and CONSTITUTION.

If you are building a character that is focusing on DAMAGE, the secondary stat you want to push as high as possible is ATTACK POWER (AP). For the TEMPLAR Attack Power is increased by STRENGTH. 1 Attribute Point gives you 2 AP.

Here are the most important secondary stats and by which ATTRIBUTES they are influenced:

STRENGTH: Damage Bonus.

DEXTERITY: Critical Strike Chance, Critical Healing Chance and Physical Resistances (Crushing, Piercing, Slashing) and Bleed Resistances.

INTELLECT: Critical Hit Damage, Critical Heal Amount and Healing Bonus.

SPIRIT: Each Point of Spirit gives you 4 Support Power, which is the primary stat for Healers. It also increases your Elemental Resistances (Electricity, Fire, Ice)

CONSTITUTION: Each point of CON grants you 20 HP. It also influences Organic resistances (Disease, Nature, Poison)

Talents & Skills

Brilliance (Ultimate)

Brilliance Stuns and damages nearby enemies and increases your maximum health . It’s also granting you high damage mitigation and CC immunity for 5 seconds.

Check out this amazing Talent Builder by La Communauté de l’Arbre Clair.
The Talent builder is also listing all Skills.

Promotion Classes

If you want to know, where the Promotions are standing in the Current META, check out my Promotion Tier List.

All Templar Promotion classes get Great Sword Mastery, which means you will be able to equip the runic Versions of these Weapons.


This is a Melee Damage Dealer build. You get extra AP, HP, Critical Damage Amount, Fire and Slashing Damage Bonus. You gain additional Slashing Damage Bonus based on you Fire Damage Bonus. You gain access to Holy Shout an ability dealing moderate AoE damage and creating a Pip for every enemy hit. Your HOLY WARRIOR now increases your Holy Damage and movement speed. JUDGEMENT cost is reduced to 1 Pip. And DIVINE LIGHT now deals increased damage, but doesn’t heal allies anymore.

The Vindicator gets access to the BATTLE, FIRE or WIND Domain.


This is the more Melee Crowd Control focused version of the Templar. You get extra HP and bonus stats on your CC effectiveness as well as Critical Damage Amount, Fire and Slashing Damage Bonus. you get 250 max HP whenever you inflict a Knockdown, Blind, Stun or Root. Your HOLY WARRIOR now has an increased health buff and now slows on attacks. Your Devotion now cleanses CC effects on your group. And DIVINE LIGHT inflicts knockdown, when cast. You also get access to PESTILENCE, an AoE Stun that also deals damage.

The Fury gets access to the MUSIC, FIRE or PROTECTION Domain.


This Promotion class changes the Templar to a more Hybrid Healer/Melee Damage Dealer build and can wear Plate Armor. You get extra Support Power, Health, Critical Healing Chance and Amount as well as Critical Damage Amount, Fire and Slashing Damage Bonus. HOLY WARRIOR now has a reduced cooldown and heals the group member with the lowest health. DEVOTION now scales with Support Power and cleanses all DoTs. DIVINE LIGHT no longer drains Pips, when healing. You also gain access to HEALING BURST, a powerful AoE healing ability, that heals friendlies around you. Your passive stacks up healing critical chance every time you heal an ally.

The Paladin gets access to the LIGHT, JUSTICE or PROTECTION Domain.


The Templar Class gets access to the following Disciplines.

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