Crowfall Cleric Class Guide

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Healer – Crusader Build

Healer – Arbiter Build

DPS – Radical Build

Playable Races



The Cleric can wear Leather and Mail and has access to Bucklers, Medium Shields and Maces.

Check out all the available Weapon Skins for your Weapons.


Attributes are pretty straight forward in Crowfall. Your Primary Attributes in Crowfall are STRENGTH, DEXTERITY, INTELLECT, SPIRIT and CONSTITUTION.

If you are building a character that is focusing on DAMAGE, the secondary stat you want to push as high as possible is ATTACK POWER (AP). For the CLERIC Attack Power is increased by INTELLECT. 1 Attribute Point gives you 2 AP.

Here are the most important secondary stats and by which ATTRIBUTES they are influenced:

STRENGTH: Damage Bonus.

DEXTERITY: Critical Strike Chance, Critical Healing Chance and Physical Resistances (Crushing, Piercing, Slashing) and Bleed Resistances.

INTELLECT: Critical Hit Damage, Critical Heal Amount and Healing Bonus.

SPIRIT: Each Point of Spirit gives you 4 Support Power, which is the primary stat for Healers. It also increases your Elemental Resistances (Electricity, Fire, Ice)

CONSTITUTION: Each point of CON grants you 20 HP. It also influences Organic resistances (Disease, Nature, Poison)

Talents & Skills

Miracle (Ultimate)

Miracle is the healing Ultimate of the Cleric, that heals everyone in your group for a great amount of HP and increases their critical strike chance and restores some mana for you. It’s also granting you high damage mitigation and CC immunity for 5 seconds.

Divine Order (Ultimate)

Divine Order is the damage Ultimate of the Cleric, that increases damage of your auto attacks and SEARING LIGHT. It also makes your auto attacks hit up to 4 targets and has a chance to stun them. On activation it pushes enemies away as well It’s also granting you high damage mitigation and CC immunity for 5 seconds.

Check out this amazing Talent Builder by La Communauté de l’Arbre Clair.
The Talent builder is also listing all Skills.

Promotion Classes

If you want to know, where the Promotions are standing in the Current META, check out my Promotion Tier List.

All Cleric Promotion classes get Buckler, Medium Shield and Mace Mastery, which means you will be able to equip the runic Versions of these Weapons.


This is a Ranged Damage Dealer cleric build. You will sacrifice healing on several abilities in exchange for damage. You get extra AP, Fire and Holy Damage Bonus and access to Throwing Hammers and the respective Mastery, which means you will be able to equip the runic Versions of these Weapons. It also reduced the soul power cost of your Divine Order (damage ultimate) by 500. You will have increased range (6m), you will gain a power called Searing Light instead of Flash of Light, which works as a blind. Your passive causes your critical basic attacks to reset the cooldown of your Searing Light and deal Holy Damage. Your illuminate will not heal buy replenish resources and increase your critical hit chance for the next 3 attacks. HOLY SYMBOL is no longer an AoE Heal, but an AoE damage field you can put on the ground.

The Radical gets access to the FIRE, LIGHT or STORM Domain.


This build is more of a hybrid Crowd Control / Healer build, you will still get support stats like support power, but you will also gain more CC. Your Holy symbol will now also knock down enemies when it’s deployed. Your Illuminate causes your auto-attacks to to regenerate mana for 15 seconds and give a Healing Bonus Buff to your group members. Flash of Light now also blinds additional targets near the original target. You gain access to SPIRITUAL PRESENCE, which is an aura, that heals friendlies around you and spreads a DoT and stamina drain debuff to enemies inside the aura. Your passive recovers mana and increases basic attack damage every time you apply CC. Stacking up to 3 times.

The Arbiter gets access to the FROST, LIGHT or WIND Domain.


Your more or less full Healer build. You will a lot of extra support power, critical healing chance and critical healing amount. You will be able to wear Plate Armor. This is the only build that will make illuminate heal a HoT and increases it’s effectiveness significantly. Your Holy Symbol will also increase Critical Healing Chance and Critical Healing Amount for everybody standing in it. Flash of Light heals adjacent players to the target you cast it on. Your Heals give a shield to friendly player healed while they are below 50% health. You get access to BLESSED PROTECTION, which gives a shield to every group member.

The Crusader gets access to the JUSTICE, LIGHT or PROTECTION Domain.


The Cleric Class gets access to the following Disciplines.

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