How Can I run Crowfall at good FPS

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So as we all know Crowfall still has some Performance issues, right? We also know that the the Crowfall dev team is working relentless to improve on performance. But until this happens I put together a little guide on how you can improve your performance until the unity engine and the crowfall devs can manage to get that performance up.

With the settings below I manage to run the game at 55 – 150 FPS.

The minimum Hardware requirements you should have to run the game somewhat smoothly IMO are the following:

  • 4 core CPU @3.6 GHz
  • 8 GB, better 16 GB of RAM
  • fast SSD Harddrive
  • 1060 Ti or equivalent

Before we get into the in-depth optimization make sure you are running the following settings in Crowfall to get out the most in regards of Performance.

1. Disable Hyper-Threading

Go into your BIOS and disable Simultaneous multi-threading (AMD) / Hyper-Threading (Intel) for your CPU. This is different depending on the BIOS, that you have. Use CPU-ZOpens in a new tab. to check if you have as many Cores as Threads, then Hyper-Threading is disabled.

2. Activate XMP for your RAM

Go onto your BIOS and make sure your main memory (RAM) is running at maximum clock speed. A good value to aim for is 3600 MHz, but don’t overclock your Memory if you do not know what you are doing. WARNING: You can damage your Hardware by setting incorrect values.

Use CPU-ZOpens in a new tab. to check if your Memory is running at the maximum frequency listed in the timing tables. You have to multiply the number by x2 to get the real value.

3. Disable CPU Virtualization

If you feel that your CPU is still the issue and you want to squeeze a bit more performance out of it. Make sure to disable CPU Virtualization. This also needs to be done from the BIOS.

4. Change settings in boot.config

These are the changes that you want to put to your boot.config


This config was provided by SchneeOpens in a new tab. and has proven to work wonders for most players. So open your file explorer and open the following path: %localappdata%\ACE\Crowfall_Live\Live\Download\CrowfallClient_Data

Then open the boot.config and add the lines above.

5. Update your chipset drivers

Go to the website of your Mainboard manufacturer, download the latest chipset drivers and install them.

6. Kill background processes

Especially if you have less than 16GB of memory this can help. Download Razer CortexOpens in a new tab. and Scan system for optimizations, it will disable all useless Windows background processes when you are gaming.

7. Assign Crowfall to fast CPU Cores

If you have 8 or more Cores download Process LassoOpens in a new tab. and assign CrowfallClient.exe to the 6 fastest cores of your CPU. For AMD CPU you can check it in Ryzen MasterOpens in a new tab. (golden/silver cores), for Intel you will have to test if yourself.

8. Miscellaneous

To further improve load times and FPS:

  • Move the CrowfallClient to the fastest Harddrive
  • add CrowfallClient to your antivirus exceptions
  • disable V-Sync

I want to thank ComradeAmaOpens in a new tab. and SchneeOpens in a new tab. for their great research that provided this information. Check out the original Forum Post hereOpens in a new tab.

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