Crowfall: Classes and Races Guide

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So I’m not gonna only talk about the CLASSES. I’m also going to talk about the RACES because they have abilities too: actives and passives. So you need to know about the classes in order to know what you want to get. Also, the race is going to determine what your armor looks like.

Vessels (only in Crowfall AFAIK)

Let me quickly say something about VESSELS. If you want to learn more about Vessels check this Video, although it is already a bit outdated. The passive training has been removed with patch 6.300 and Vessel progression changes with 6.400:

Race / Class Combinations

Races Overview

So here is the quick overview over the RACES. Every race get’s unique active and passive abilities and various boosts to attributes. To learn more about a RACE just click on the Banner.

Centaurs have 30 extra constitution and get a Horseshoe slot.

ELKENS get plus 60 constitution, plus 30 strength and increased statistics for Leatherworking as well as the Quiver proficiency.

FAES get plus 30 dexterity and plus 30 intellect.

GUINECEANS get plus 60 dexterity and plus 30 intellect, an extra Ring slot and increased statistics for Caravans turn-in.

HALF-GIANTS get a plus 60 strength, plus 65 constitution and increased statistics for Logging and Quarrying.

HALF-ELVES get plus 60 dexterity, plus 30 intellect, plus 30 spirit and increased statistics for Mining.

HIGH-ELVES get plus 30 intellect and an additional amulet slot.

HUMANS get plus 30 strength and increased statistics for Jewelcrafting.

MINOTAURS get a plus 35 constitution, plus 30 dexterity and increased statistics for Skinning.

NETHARIS get plus 30 intellect and increased statistics for Necromancy.

STONEBORNS get plus 75 constitution30 spirit30 strength and increased statistics for Blacksmithing.

WOOD-ELVES get plus 30 spirit and increased statistics for Woodworking.

Racial Traits Overview

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racial traits overview

Classes and Promotions

In this section, I will give you an overview over the CLASSES and specializations which are called promotion classes in Crowfall.

Here is a link to an up-to-date CHARACTER PLANNER.


From the Crowfall Website:

“Not all Crows were heroes in life. Assassins ply a darker trade; sharp knives, deadly poisons and silent arrows are the tools they use to carve an inglorious role in history. Untrustworthy and ruthless, these dark mercenaries rarely travel in groups and begrudge military discipline – but their subtle skills are quite effective when it comes to toppling regimes and ending dynasties.”

Playable Races

The assassin can be played as FAE, HALF-ELF, HIGH-ELF and NETHARI.

Assassin Class Guide


Check out my in-depth Champion Guide!

From the Crowfall Website:

“Mercenaries, protectors, conquerors, and warlords – the title of Champion is given only to warriors who, both literally and figuratively, rise above the rest and to become the best of their kind. Hailing from a variety of cultures and professions, all great Champions share one common trait: they shine in their ability to face others in one-on-one combat and emerge victorious. In death, Champions are often chosen to fight for the gods, carrying on in the afterlife much as they did while living: fighting for a cause, noble or otherwise, and leaving a trail of bodies in their wake.”

Playable Races

The Champion can be played as CENTAUR, HALF-GIANT, MINOTAUR and STONEBORN.

Champion Class Guide

CLERIC [Video]

From the Crowfall Website:

“Clerics are known by many names in life: priests, prelates, bishops, pontiffs. Some follow a single god, but most are pantheistic, devoting their lives to the study and devotion of all of the gods and studying the language of the All Father to lessen the pain and suffering of others. Most Clerics are also warriors by trade, knowing that the maelstrom of battle presents the best and most frequent opportunity to use their skills to the fullest. As Crows, Clerics spend the afterlife much as they lived, in the service of mankind and at the behest of one god – or many.”

Playable Races


Cleric Class Guide


From the Crowfall Website:

“The title of Confessor is officially sanctioned for use only by the Church of the Sun, but used colloquially to include the practitioners of fire magic across all cultures. Confessors spend their lives dedicated to the Art of Pyromancy, the memorization and recitation of ancient words of power that can be called upon to ignite wood, melt stone, consume flesh, or char bone. Many claim these words to be divine in nature, though the stated source differs from one culture to the next: prayers to Prince Arkon the Sun God; incantations to the Lyessa, Mother of Wyrms; or perhaps even the divine language of the All Father himself.”

Playable Races

The Confessor can be played as ELKEN, HIGH-ELF and NETHARI.

Confessor Class Guide

DRUID [Video]

From the Crowfall Website:

“In life, the order of the Druids were the followers of Gaea, the Earth Mother. A cult of forest dwellers, the religion took root first with the Wood-Elves before spreading to the Fae and, rarely, took hold with those who share both Human and Wood-Elf blood. In the time since Gaea’s death, the Druidic cult has largely disbanded. Druids who choose to fight for the gods in the afterlife do so for their own reasons. Some seek vengeance, others are on a quest to find purpose. Many feel a doomed sense of loyalty to a goddess who is no more.”

Playable Races

The Druid can be played as FAE, HALF-ELF and WOOD-ELF.

Druid Class Guide


From the Crowfall Website:

“Duelists are a rare breed, a peculiar blend of soldier made possible through the unique combination of blade skill, unnerving reflexes, and the mastery of both engineering and alchemy. This unlikely intersection of skillsets made this small race the sole creators (and users) of the alchemical material known as “gunpowder”. As Crows, as in life, Duelists tend to be loyal and trustworthy, with a calm, friendly demeanor that seems impervious to pessimism in even the darkest of situations.”

Playable Races

The duelists can be played as GUINECEANS. So not really much of a choice here.

Duelist Class Guide

KNIGHT [Video]

From the Crowfall Website:

“A hallmark of feudal society, Knighthood is typically bestowed on men and women noble birth, binding them by oath to protect the land, the people, and the crown. A lifetime of martial study makes these noble warriors a favored choice of the gods – unfortunately, however, this code of ethics is rarely honored in the years following death as memories fade and loyalties are tested.”

Playable Races


Knight Class Guide


From the Crowfall Website:

“Myrmidon: a general designation given to a motley collection of violent pit-fighters, heartless mercenaries, and savage barbarians. These are fighters who harness primal rage and animal instinct over professional training and skillful practice. Raw strength and grim brutality are their hallmarks. When bards sing of these warriors, the tales include legendary feats and tragic, violent ends. In death, Myrmidons are driven to fight for the gods for a variety of reasons: the promise of wealth and glory, a need for vengeance unsated in life, or simply the unwillingness to lay down their arms and pass into the afterlife peacefully.”

Playable Races

The Myrmidon can be played as HALF-GIANT, MINOTAUR and STONEBORN.

Myrmidon Class Guide

RANGER [Video]

From the Crowfall Website:

“The wardens of the Dying Worlds, the Rangers are Crows who in life served as hunters, trappers, spies, and scouts. In death, these wilderness defenders are often selected by the gods to act as outriders, messengers, and the advance guard for the Dying Worlds. They scout the world for survivors, scavenging the ruins for resources and torching anything that remains.”

Playable Races

The Ranger can be played as ELKEN, HALF-ELF, MINOTAUR, HUMAN and WOOD-ELF.

Ranger Class Guide


From the Crowfall Website:

“Holy warriors who excel at both combat and divine magic, a Templar is a soldier who, in life, dedicated themselves to the service of Arkon, the God of Light and Justice. In death, however, not all Templars hold true to their earthly vows. Some swear allegiance to other gods, while others break with faith completely and fight for the highest bidder.”

Playable Races

The Templar can be played as ELKEN, HUMAN, and NETHARI.

Templar Class Guide


From the Crowfall Website:

“Frostweavers are wizards who practice the magical art of Cryomancy; they harness ancient words of power to drain heat, freeze water and to shape ice and snow. A natural counterbalance to the art of Pyromancy, Frostweavers have ascended in power and renown since the death of Gaea. For reasons unexplained, when a world begins to feel the effects of the Hunger, it inevitably begins with the onset of an unnatural winter.”

Playable Races

The Frostweaver can be played as FAE, HIGH-ELF and WOOD-ELF.

Frostweaver Class Guide

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