Crowfall in a Nutshell #3: PvP and Gathering

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We’ve already talked about the different WORLDS that we have. I just pulled up the screen again so at the moment we are in the CAMPAIGN. This changed a bit, it’s basically the 3-faction war that moved somewhere here. And we are going to have PvP and sons. And next ones are the DREGS, but those are not in yet as of when this guide was made.

So let’s look at the map. This is basically always where we start.

The TEMPLE is still a SAFE ZONE, even if you are in the campaign. So if you want to do something in the campaign but don’t want to be killed by the other players, this is where you are still safe.

Here you have war tribes with different difficulties. Those are great for farming minor disciplines and gold. Also, these war tribes drop items.

If you go to the campaign map, you basically got out and we are here at the moment. This is a safe zone, so nothing can happen to you here. All those other areas are where the fight happens with Balance and Chaos.

So those rings here show how much points each faction has on each area. If you click on those areas you basically enter a new zone and then those are the points of interest.

So basically you have KEEPS. Those are the really big ones where you have stone walls and a lot of GUARDS. They are quite strong, they help you defend.

You have those respawn outposts which are little statues so when you die, you become a crow and then you have to fly back to one of those statues to revive yourself.

We have FORTS. They are a bit less and we gonna have little flags: those are outposts.

if you look into details you’re gonna see that you’re going to have points and an overview of who holds how many keeps, forts and outposts.

You are going to have a LEADERBOARD here where you can look at how many scores people have, how many kills they have made and that kind of stuff.

Another important thing is the SIEGE SCHEDULE because you cannot just run up to a FORT anymore and take it. You have to look at the siege schedule.

Until 6 p.m. the Jingletap’s FORT in the location Zelig is the only one we can take.

So if we want to look at this, we can close the leaderboard, go to the campaign map, go for Zelig and then here the Jingletap’s fort that is the only one you can attack at the moment.

And here you see that it’s “capturable” for another 6 hours and 44 minutes.

The FORTS give 30 points per turn. A TURN is 15 minutes if I’m not mistaken. Each OUTPOST TAKE gives 6 points. A CITADEL KEEP (it’s a synonym so to say) it gives 100 points. So, roughly 3 FORTS and 2 OUTPOSTS are worth ONE KEEP.


In the lower right corner, you see the SEASON METER. The buff at the upper right corner is telling us that we have WINTER at the moment. Depending on the season, the CAPTURE AREAS get a multiplayer bonus.

There is a CAPTURE BONUS on each objective and this is a catchup mechanic. So, if one faction holds one point of interest for a very long time, it is saving up points.

So, basically, if someone would capture this CITADEL from us now, he would get those 26,000 points just for capturing it. And then he would get the additional 100 points per turn after that.

And this CAPTURE BONUS basically scales with the season that we are in so in:

  • in spring it’s x 1
  • in summer it’s x 2
  • in autumn it’s x 3
  • and in winter it’s x 4

The outposts scale differently:

  • in spring it’s x 0.1
  • in summer it’s x 1
  • in autumn it’s x 1.5
  • and in winter it’s x 2

And the Forts in the middle.

The SEASONS also have another effect. If you go to a HARVESTING node, where you harvest stuff, basically in winter it’s so much harder to get resources because the world is consumed by the winter.

So if you want to do FARMING, I advise to do it always in SPRING. If you go to the slag you can see the PLENTIFUL HARVEST has only ONE PIP. If we would have SPRING this would have 4 PIPS. Because you lose ONE PIP every season.

So, it’s very important that you gather mostly in spring and not in winter or autumn.

There are potions and buff food that you can use to boost your skill and harvesting so you can also harvest in winter and spring and there are also ARMORS STATS that boost it up.


I would always recommend the grilled cheese sandwich if you don’t need any PIPS. Otherwise, the skewer kebabs if you need those extra pips of a plentiful harvest.


You should drink apple juice to get an additional critical harvest and they are also potions who can also improve your plentiful harvest.

And there are attributes on the pickaxes as well.

When we go to the war tribes, I have been talking about gear and gold and stuff that drop.

So we just need to go WEST and there we should have some enemies that we can kill.

You already see the TENT over there. So, just walk to the TENTS and you are going to find some NPCs that are going to play PLAYER-LIKE CLASSES.

You also have animals.

Why does no one want to play as Balance?

That’s a known problem but the best incentive I can give you is the following: do you see the badge that I have on? When you look at the leaderboard if you are the winning faction so in this example, CHAOS would get the gold trial for the top 30% of all players, ORDER would get the top 20% of all players.

And if you say “ok I’m not that bothered if I sometimes get my ass whipped but I like to have two gold bandana”, then you just do PvP and craft stuff because you’re gonna land on the top of the leaderboard for your faction and then still if you’re in the best 10% you still get this golden trial.

So, this is one way of balancing it out and the developers and the game designer J. Coleman have already some things in mind to put more catch-up mechanics in place that also allows it for smaller groups to basically tilt the table in the last minute or through some other mechanics. So they are working on this, but it should be in your interest for this to be well distributed.

And in the end, you join that faction where your GUILD is playing. Factions only exist in the campaigns, so you have only BALANCE in GOD’S REACH.

If you choose a faction, it will be bound to your account for the whole campaign duration. So you can’t change it and you have to wait for the next campaign to choose a different faction again.

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